Why You Need to Create a "Brand" Around Your Art

Updated: Mar 15

I've been marketing and establishing identities for top CEOs and executives for the past 6 years in the real estate and finance niche. And one thing they all have in common is the ability to create a brand around their name. In this digital age, branding yourself is crucial and that comes down to a few main things.

Narrowing Down Your Niche

Narrowing down your niche can be difficult since art itself is already one. However, if you have a certain style this will essentially become your "niche" as people will be able to tell who created that piece the more your work gets seen so find your style and stick with it.

Style is learned, adopted, manipulated, and developed over time. If you are drawn to a certain artist's work, it's probably stimulating part of your style. You can see influences in my work, but you can also see that my style does not look exactly like theirs. Working on your technical skills regularly will introduce you to new perspectives and style paths.

Providing Value

Your art IS VALUABLE. But it's a saturated market. Provide more than just the art itself. Show people what you did to create that piece or be vulnerable about how you were feeling when you made that. Record a time lapse or educate people. Do more than just post a picture.

Stay Persistent and Network

Most artists see sales at galleries or craft fairs and it's not always because the art was good. Most of my in-person photography sales happened because I had a genuine conversation with someone and told them my story. Transfer that to today's digital age.

Join spaces, go to in-person events, DM someone, and strike up a conversation. It's tough on here but consistency is key. Doing this every day slowly creates your personal brand. It's not always an overnight success, it's a long game and patience is key in this space.

There's more that goes into it and I know a lot of you have seen a lot more success so share your tips with me below! I'm always open to random conversations or collaborations so send me a simple "Hey" and let's connect

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